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What is a visa?

Foreigners must carry a valid visa to enter Korea as a rule. The Republic of Korea treats the entry visa merely as a ‘consul's recommendation for a foreigner's entry'. Those who fall under any of the following categories may enter the country without a visa.
  • Those who are granted a reentry permit or are exempted from a reentry permit may enter the country before the expiry of such permit and exemption.
  • Nationals of a country that has signed visa waiver agreements with the Republic of Korea, and who are hence exempted from acquiring a visa.
  • Those who enter Korea for international goodwill travel or in the interest of Korea and who have been permitted to enter the country by Presidential Decree.
  • Those who leave the country with an issued refugee travel certificate and who reenter the country before expiry of the certificate.

Types of Categories(As of May 2013)

Category A Diplomacy (A-1), Official Mission (A-2), Conventions/Agreements (A-3)
Category B Visa Waiver (B-1) Transfer (B-2)
Category C Temporary News Coverage (C-1), Short-Term Visit (C-3), Short-Term Employment (C-4)
Category D Cultural Arts (D-1), Study Abroad (D-2), Industrial Training (D-3), General Training (D-4), Journalism (D-5), Religious Affairs (D-6), Supervisory Intra-company Transfer (D-7), Corporate Investment (D-8), Trade Management (D-9), Job Seeking (D-10)
Category E Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language Instructors (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology Transfer (E-4), Professional Employment (E-5), Arts & Performances (E-6), Special Occupation (E-7), Non-Professional Employment (E-9), Vessel Crew (E-10)
Category F Family Visitation (F-1), Residential (F-2), Dependent Family (F-3), Overseas Korean (F-4), Permanent Residence (F-5), Marriage Immigration (F-6)
Category G Miscellaneous (G-1)
Category H Working holiday (H-1) Working Visit (H-2)
Category M Military (M-1)
  • Location of Visa Application and Issuance: Korean Embassy or Consulate
  • Required Documents: Passport, visa application, other documents depending on types of visa

    ※ For information, go to www.hikorea.go.kr. Additional or fewer documents may be required as deemed necessary for review.

Local Employment

Stay status or visa categories that allow employment are as follows : Short-Term Employment (C-4), Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language Instructors (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology Transfer (E-4), Professional Employment (E-5), Arts & Performances (E-6), Special Occupation (E-7), Non-Professional Employment (E-9), Vessel Crew (E-10), Residential (F-2), Overseas Korean (F-4), Permanent Residence (F-5), Working Holiday (H-1), Working Visit (H-2)

※Information on the Issuance of the Investor Express Card

  • What is 'Investor Express Card?

    With the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Invest KOREA issues 'Investor Express Card' to facilitate an airport immigration process of foreign investors who have contributed to the Korean economy.
    People holding the Investor Express Card can quickly go through the immigration process through an immigration checkpoint prepared for investors (or diplomats). They can also use the CIP Lounge at the Incheon International Airport.

  • Applicants
    • Executive members of the overseas parent companies of foreign-invested firms whose notified amount of FDI to Korea exceeds the following
      Category Standard (Reported FDI)
      Manufacturing More than USD 15 million
      Finance & Insurance More than USD 50 million
      Tourism More than USD 10 million
      Logistics & Distribution More than USD 5 million
      R&D, Cutting-edge Technology More than USD 2 million
    • Executives of foreign economic organizations in Korea
    • Investment observation delegations invited by central and local governments

      ※ The number of Investor Express Cards issued in each category may be limited according to the overall situation regarding applicants. (5 people or less in principle)

    • Inquiries

      Investment Consulting Center, Invest KOREA, KOTRA

      • 13, Heolleungno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (ZIP Code: 137-749)
      • Tel: 1600-7119 / (02)3497-1625
      • E-mail : kichan@kotra.or.kr

      The above content may change if the Ministry of Justice's regulations are modified.